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Non-comedogenic makeup: Is it the best option?

foundation non comedogenic

Can makeup clog skin? 

It certainly can, and this creates a vicious cycle. While clogged pores can be a real phenomenon, we strongly believe in addressing three key points when selecting your non-comedogenic approach.

  1. Firstly, nourish your skin with natural skincare products avoiding harsh treatments and ingredients that aggravate sensitivities. 
  2. Next, watch out for fillers and additives within your formulas. Cheap ingredients can be pore-clogging culprits.
  3. Finally, are the ingredients truly clogging pores, or are they irritating your skin?

How do you know if your ingredients are irritating your skin?

That is, are your pores indeed being clogged by formulas that aren't enabling the pores to filter ingredients properly, or is your skin reacting to a formula that is irritating your skin. You may be sensitive to or even allergic to some of your makeup ingredients.

Decode the meaning of non-comedogenic makeup.

Commonly non-comedogenic refers to personal care products that won't clog pores. Non-comedogenic means a formula is unlikely to cause comedones (pore blockages). A product labeled non-comedogenic is meant to indicate the product does not contain ingredients that are known to clog the pores, but this is an unregulated term. There are no established testing methods or standards in place to certify products qualify. 

We suggest choosing products without fillers and harsh ingredients. Another option is selecting samples when offered and performing patch-testing. Here are mineral makeup samples among Omiana.

Mission Omission.

At Omiana, our mission is to omit the cheap filler and additives, and deliver high performing, clean, healthy makeup, and skincare. We fully disclosed ingredients, so you know what you're putting on your skin. Transparency is vital, and we stand to be a natural brand you can genuinely trust, candor included.